Future Strategy & Direction

→ Maximizing the company's market share in the segment of cars (1500- 1600 cc) produced by GM – Nissan - Brilliance to reach 8% in the accumulation of market capacity by the end of 2008 ( 2500 SOLD CARS ) instead of 5% which is expected to be achieved by the end of 2007 (1200 SOLD CARS) with expected market expansion.

Seeking an expansion in the sales achievements concerning the low and high categories of 1600 cc and that will be done through acquiring new Exclusive Automotive Agency in Egypt.

Maximizing the capacity of the maintenance center & the warehouse for spare parts in order to comply with the continuous expansion in the market (G.M &Nissan).

Maximizing the manpower to reach 200 workers for deal and matching the expanding of business

Our target in the future will be reaching of full customer satisfaction with our usual commitment .



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